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When it comes to California wine, Santa Maria Valley is always at the top of the list, and it should be. With an ever-growing reputation as one of the best wine regions in the country, it has been blended with the rest of the California wine industry for decades and is as close to the heart of the wine country as any other region in California.

There is so much more to do in Santa Maria than just wine, but there are plenty of ways to explore the Central Coast. You can visit 13 beaches, hike, cycle, ride a horse and even go to the sand dunes. There is much to enjoy, from hiking and biking up and down the hills, to fishing and kayaking, you can do anything.

If you live in Northern or Southern California, it's the perfect weekend getaway destination because of its location. Even though there are not many direct flights, flights from SLO / BUR / LAX make the journey to Santa Maria easy. If you're not a street walker, you can fly from Los Angeles or San Francisco, and that can be as cheap as a $39 fee each way.

If you're in the Santa Maria Valley in spring, be sure to visit the Dunes Center, which has had a great year - a year-round exhibition at the San Luis Obispo County Museum. There are also some great children's museums in SantaMaria, such as the Children's Museum of California and the Santa Barbara County Library, as well as a number of other museums.

The park has 62 RV parks, which are fully occupied - connections possible, 133, to be precise, which are all connections. Although there are a number of other options in the Santa Maria Valley, the park cannot use all of them at the same time.

Three hours north of Los Angeles, from Santa Barbara in the north to San Luis Obispo and from Santa Maria to Ventura in the north. One of the things we like to think of as good about the Pacific coast is its proximity to the sea, which you will love in a camper van in SantaMaria. For this reason, there is a good chance that you will be near a beach, or at least close - something we will love about our RV rentals in Santa Maria due to our proximity to the sea.

If you are interested in aviation, you should add this to the list of activities in Santa Maria. Here you will find a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants with a wide selection of food and drinks. Whether barbecue, wine, beer or outdoor recreation, the SantaMaria Valley is known for its There is good food, good wine and beer and of course live music. You can create almost any theme for a road trip and the Santa Maria Valley will connect perfectly with it.

For more information about the wineries, visit the Santa Maria Valley website. If you can't hike yet, say, take a look at the ranch and let us know what it's like and how you can get there.

The Santa Maria Valley includes the city of Guadeloupe, which can only be reached by car, but the ten minute drive from SantaMaria brings you to the most scenic part of the region, the coast of the district of San Luis Obispo. Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, San Jose and Santa Cruz are spectacular attractions that are all part of the Pacific Coast, with their own beaches, mountains, beaches and beaches.

Santa Maria Valley is located in the heart of the California wine region and is divided into four subdivisions - AVAs, West, East, South, North and South.

Located in the heart of California's Central Coast, north of Santa Barbara County, the Santa Maria Valley is a great place to explore Central California for a day trip or weekend getaway. If you're in California, you should take some more time in the SantaMaria Valley, which is the direction of your Central Coast road trip. Santa Ana Lake, the largest lake in Central California and the most popular destination for wine lovers, is located in San Francisco Bay, a few miles south of San Jose. With a population of over 1,000 people and an average annual income of $30,500 a year, it is the perfect weekend to be part of a long-term vacation or even a week-long vacation.

Best Sam - Certified campsite offers even greater comfort to make your stay with a RV rental in Santa Maria, California, as comfortable as possible.

If we did not mention one of the reasons for the trip to Santa Maria, we would be ill advised. There are so many things that one could easily say that one has to go to Santa Maria just to visit the inn, but there is more.

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