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The recently retired Managing Director of Santa Maria Fairpark is now a partner at Persons Kress Consulting. He became a member of the board of directors of the museum, which is being transformed into the Santa Maria Museum of Flight, to present new events and activities in partnership with the University of California, San Francisco and the California Institute of Technology.

Museum director Esmeralda Mendoza said the expertise of people involved in event production will be an advantage in developing the museum's expansion plans. The present airport Santa Maria, which is also named after Captain Hancock, was born out of the desire to train bomber pilots during the Second World War. She noted that some of the most spectacular aviation exhibits in the museums are actually airplanes, which are connected with the history of aviation in the United States and other countries.

Advanced pilot replacement training was conducted in P-38 aircraft at Santa Maria, and this lasted until June 1945. When the war ended, the decision was finally made to phase out and close the base at SantaMaria and move the unit to March Field in Riverside, California. By the end of 1945, 633 new P / 38 pilots had completed their training and advanced pilot replacement training on the P 38 at Santa Maria.

Several P / 38 units trained at Santa Maria Air Force Base, California, in the summer of 1945, as well as several P / 38 units trained at March Field in Riverside.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Goletal moved into a room that had been built from an old freight tower and shared an upstairs room and the apartment of a former agent. Today, the Santa Maria della Scala complex is home to the Santa Barbara County Museum of Art and the San Diego County Historical Society.

The Santa Maria della Scala Museum houses over 16,000 objects, including more than 1,500 sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, ceramics, glassware and other artifacts.

The dunes of Guadalupe and Nipomo are also part of the tradition of cultivating authentic, unspoiled nature in beautiful California. See some of the most beautiful natural beauty that the Santa Maria area has to offer when hiking to Mussel Rock, stargazing on the trails of Los Flores Ranch or being part of one of the most popular hiking trails in Santa Barbara County. Not to mention the intense geological history you will find in the San Luis Obispo National Wildlife Refuge and the nearby Santa Cruz National Forest. Help the California Renewable Energy Alliance, a Santa Barbara-based regional nonprofit that uses renewable energy.

The casino also hosts regular events and there is always a good reason to walk through its welcoming doors. The Santa Maria Flight Museum amazes anyone walking through the doors of the SantaMaria Casino Hotel and Casino in Santa Barbara County. Its mission is to preserve the history of aviation from its beginnings to the present day and inspire future pilots.

A museum tour is always available to give you a quick introduction to the best that is on offer, and there is also a gift shop so you can enjoy the unique feeling of a flight home when you have to leave. Visit the Santa Maria Flight Museum and you will never want to forget and follow our recommended list during your stay. If you are planning a visit to explore all the events and opportunities, please visit or call 805-922-8758 for more information.

s Centre changes daily, and local experts are on site to offer a wide range of educational activities for children aged 3 and over. We particularly appreciate the digitally created videos, such as this one from the Natural History Museum Santa Maria. It is a fascinating modern teaching tool that appeals to all ages without the need for a translator. Take advantage of the sparkling boundaries of California's most popular tourist attractions, including the most popular casinos, or drop by to discover the true definition of "California's prime time." Visit the San Diego Convention Center for the annual California State Fair and visit all its attractions and activities, as well as the Los Angeles County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Visit the many award-winning local wineries while taking the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail or visiting the dunes of Guadalupe Nipomo to learn more about the region's conservation efforts and learn about the wildlife that exists within the area's unique nature portfolio. The complexity of Santa Maria della Scala is only part of its charm, and it seems that the city itself has created its own unique blend of history, art, culture and culture.

If you fancy a world-class wine, then Santa Maria is just what you need. Foxen Vineyard is one of California's most prestigious wineries, combining a close-knit team of talented winemakers with a unique blend of local ingredients. The winery is just a short drive from the town of Santa Barbara, so start your day at SLO Creek Farms in Pismo Beach, which consists of five local family-owned businesses. Don't miss SL O'Creek Farms and visit the SantaMaria area whenever you are nearby or nearby.

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